Hi there. My name is Lindsay St. Clair. I’m a writer, director, and producer, and I write Cheap Thrills: Making a Low Budget Film.

Cheap Thrills is for filmmakers who, like me, are broke, un-film schooled, and unconnected. It’s a step-by-step guide and the truthful experience of how to make a low budget feature. Over the course of 2023, you’ll read about my mistakes, successes, the resources I’ve used, and see behind-the-scenes content throughout the making of our film. This newsletter will be messy and raw and fun for anyone who wants to see how films are made.

There are a lot of indie filmmaking resources out there, and I’ll share the ones that have helped me. But what I won’t do is spew some offensive nonsense telling you to “ask your grandma for a quarter million dollars,” or “get an unpaid job at your dad’s film studio.” But instead of focusing on what I don’t have, Cheap Thrills exists as a way to share the resources I do.

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Director, writer, and creative director. I write Cheap Thrills.